”One of the great contemporary folk voices of Ireland
Jimmy McCarthy,songwriter  2006

“A tenor voice that has all the ring of Waterford Crystal which has only ever served smoky whiskey”
Sean Laffy,Irish Music Magazine Sep 2006

“Coming soon to a venue near you, with a bagful of great songs for your listening pleasure – there is a great treat in store! “,
John O Regan, The Irish Music Magazine, May 2004

“O’Sullivan is a wonderful singer. His soft emotional tenor vocals create a spine – shivering effect”
Jamie O Brien August 2003 http://www.rambles.net

The eloquent tones of Tommy O’Sullivan’s voice took flight in the night air, trailing the French collective mindset in it’s dreamy wake.
Festival de St. Chartier, Mick Walsh (Irish Music Magazine 2001)

Tommy’s vocals bring to mind a not-so-brittle Andy Irvine on the glorious - Maids of Culmore
Pete Fyfe http://wwww.folking.com 2002

Excellent contemporary folk vocals
Fintan Vallely, The Sunday Tribune

The Long Grazing Acre, Paddy Keenan’s new collaboration with stellar guitarist and vocalist Tommy O’Sullivan, represents a new milestone in that lifelong journey in pursuit of the real music”.,
Tim O Brien, 2001 http://www.timobrien.net

A personal favorite among the many is the lovely Jutland, composed by Tommy O’Sullivan, his graceful guitar work to the fore.”,
Zina Lee http://wwwcelticcafe.com 2001

Review of a live performance of Paddy Keenan and Tommy O’Sullivan in October 2001 stating ....“Together...they are the finest pipes-and-guitar duo ever...Keenan’s playing was a masterful blend of sweetness and fiery power...O’Sullivan added subtly percussive and driving guitar. His vocal numbers...were gorgeous and soulful.
Dave Ferman of the Ft.Worth Star-Telegram

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