Tommy O'Sullivan's Discography

Song Ablaze

Song Ablaze  - Read the Liner Notes

  1. One More Dollar
  2. The Contender
  3. Fiddle and a Bow
  4. Make Me Believe *
  5. She Moved Through the Fair
  6. The People of West Cork and Kerry
  7. Neidin
  8. Times
  9. Inhibitions *
  10. Shiver me Timbers
* written by Tommy O'Sullivan
Tracks 2, 6 and 7 written by Jimmy McCarthy

  Along Blackwater's Banks
OSSCD130.Sliabh Notes,2002

The Long Grazing Acre.Paddy Keenan & Tommy O'Sullivan,2003.

Sliabh Notes KM9506.Sliabh Notes,'95

Na Keen Affair HCR01.Paddy Keenan,'97

Additionally he has appeared on these recordings:
  • Coumineol OAC702.Eoin Duignan,'93
  • Gleanntan OSSCD 114.Sliabh Notes,'99
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